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2009 Resolutions/Goals for Jason Douglas

This is a post I’m excited to write about. I’ve thought long and hard about my goals for 2009; writing them here should clarify them for myself, and allow you to call me out on something if I’m failing.  Here are my goals in no particular order of priority or importance.

  • Move out: This is something I had planned for 2008, and was on track to do so.   Then, I broke my wrist and found out that putting metal in my wrist isn’t cheap.  There were other factors that played a role in keeping me with my current roommate.  I have enjoyed my time at home since graduation, but I’m 26… and living at home.  I’m looking for a spring move-out date; winter moving is just a pain.  Whether I have a roommate, or live on my own has yet to be determined.
  • Improve overall health: This was another goal I had for 2008.  I can’t say I failed at it; some eating habits have improved, but still need some tweaking; the working out part is what could have been better.  I was very active during the summer; I was on two softball teams, a kickball team, and a beach volleyball team, keeping me active four days a week.  All that ended once the wrist ordeal occurred.  Now, I’m 100% healed, and ready to get back on track.  I’m debating on whether joining a health club will be the best move.  Any suggestions on where I should join?
  • Smile more in pictures: Recently, I think that when a camera is pointing at me, I need to become serious looking like a model.  Unfortunately, people think I’m angry at the world.  That’s why despite my good looks, I am not a model.  I am a very happy person, happy with life as it is; I need to show that more in pictures.
  • Create a personal blog: This is it!
  • Eat out less: This one will be the most difficult to implement, but may have the most benefits if I can follow through with this.  Eating out is a fun social activity, and a great break from work every day during your lunch hour.   However, is it worth $30-$50 a week just to take a break from work?  When you eat out, is it healthy?  No matter how good Chipotle is, how healthy is consuming 1000 calories in 30 minutes?  I’m not thinking I’ll stop ‘cold turkey’, but it’s realistic I can cut back enough to save $100-$200 a month which I can use on something more useful.
  • Improve Money Management: In 2008, I took a humbling step in outlining all my non-school load debt into an excel sheet and seeing how long it will take me to become debt free.  Since then, I’ve been much more aware of where my money is going.  The one place it’s not going is in savings.  In 2009, I want to create at minimum, a rainy-day fund.  You never know when you will want to go to Vegas for a weekend, or pay for one of lifes unexpected presents.  Do you have a method of saving that has been successful?
  • Ask questions: This is something I’ve always struggled with.  I tend to try hard to figure something out on my own, feeling a heightened sense of accomplishment when I do succeed.  With that, I know that if I had asked a question or two along the way, I would have succeeded much quicker.  I have to get over my stubbornness and ask a question once in a while.   I’ll be more efficient at work, and be more knowledgeable in life.
  • Become more giving: I’m fortunate for what I have right now; I have more than so many others out there.  I always get this feeling around the holidays that I have what I need, and if I don’t, I will get it myself.  I’m not so much of a gift taker; haven’t been in years.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t been the best giver; because I don’t allow others to give to me.  Regardless of that issue (that’s a whole different blog), I have the time to give to causes; and I haven’t done a thing since college when that was organized through my American Marketing Association.  I want to have that feeling that I’m having an impact on someone I don’t know, a positive impact on someone who needs that one good thing to happen.   Think to a time where you’re down in the dumps for whatever reason.  Out of nowhere, something happens, small or large, that makes you do a 180; turns your mood around, your outlook around.  How good do you feel when that happens to you?  That’s what I want to do to someone.   Where does someone begin to get involved in charitable efforts?
  • No more drinking: Well, as a 26 year old, that’s pretty tough to do.  I’m not one who really drinks a lot anymore; so this one shouldn’t be too difficult.  This is not a result of thinking I have a drinking problem. I am lacking the need to drink; sobriety is good.  Remembering what you do is good.  Not feeling hung over is good!  Honestly, I don’t see this one happening; maybe a 2-3 drink max when I do choose to drink.   Is it possible for a 26 year old to quit drinking altogether?

It’s great to have my goals out there, but that doesn’t mean squat.  The only thing that matters is results.  I’m going to work my butt off to make sure that I do everything that’s listed above.   I feel that if I can follow through on most, or all of the goals listed above, I’ll be where I feel I should be as a person.

I’m happy; but I can always be happier.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.  Please share any suggestions you have for me that will help me be successful.  I will appreciate all of them greatly.

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas

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  1. Your Favorite Nashvillian
    January 3, 2009 at 12:43 AM

    Moving in -17 degrees is fantastic! I just did it, don’t knock it until you try it — however, my move did land me in 60 degrees 🙂

  2. Rach
    January 5, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    Way to go, Jase!! Moving during winter does suck~did it once in freezing rain and it was no fun! As far as the savings goes, I’m right there with ya! The easiest thing for me to do is have a certain amount taken out of my check every time I get paid and put directly into savings. That way, I never have the opportunity to even have it in my slippery little hands!!!

  1. January 31, 2009 at 12:09 PM

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