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Monday Funday

Monday brought many things:

  • beginning of the work week
  • snow, more snow, and snow blowing around in the wind
  • bad drivers driving in snow
  • ‘check engine light’ stopping for a visit
  • death to my bluetooth 😦
  • a phone call long overdue 🙂

It also brought the official beginning of my training for the half-marathon.  Thanks to Katie for allowing me to come over and work out with her at her apartment’s facility.  There isn’t much to highlight here; just 10 minutes of running, some leg work, and some back work.  This is still considered phase one: get the rust out, which will last at least another couple weeks.  It felt really good to get a quick run in and get some weight work in; I anticipate being very sore.  Thursday will be workout number two.

Recently, I’ve had some alone time to just sit down, and think about things happening to me, around me.  It has led me to feel confident in saying that there’s the potential for some very good things to happen relatively soon in my life, more than what’s already going on.  It’s an exciting time for me, and I hope for others as well.  There are a couple specific situations I am really hoping work out how I want them to.  There are others that I’m not sure what direction I want them to go, or know how they’ll go.  Uncertainty is tough to deal with; in these cases, it’s a blessing I have these troubles.   There are only three things I really want to happen in the next month:  make steady progress with the fitness & training, ________, and ________.

I can’t share everything in my life with everyone via the blog.  Consider this a little teaser.  If you’re interested, you know how to get a hold of me 🙂

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas

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  1. January 13, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    Congrats! on taking on a beast of a race. Sometimes training gets to be…well…OVERWHELMING!

    My aunt, who has completed the Boston Mara., recently had me read this book, http://www.marathoningformortals.com

    I wish I would have read this 1.5 years ago! I could have avoided a nasty case of plantars fasciitis.

    Hope you take advantage of this book and keep with it Jason.


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