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Help, I can’t breathe!!

Or is it something else?

This is becoming, again, a recurring theme.   I stretch, I walk for 5 minutes, I start running, and BOOM… sideaches join Team Jason.  I try running through it: FAIL.  I walk it out for another 3 minutes, attempt running again: FAIL.  I repeat the previous attempt; same result: FAIL.

What the crap is going on?

When I began my training and workouts a month ago, sideaches never happened.  I stretch, I eat somewhat well, I sleep like crap, I do a minimal amount of core training; nothing has changed from when I started.

My legs feel very good, my lungs are good as well.  My core is obviously garbage.

With my high level of frustration, I was able to dominate my weight training tonight.   A small amount of redemption flowed through my body.

I expect more out of myself in absolutely everything I do.  To me, success is the greatest high I can experience.  I am not high at all right now; tonight was an absolute failure, and a big wake-up call.  In less than four months, I have a half-marathon to run.  I was unable to make it a mile before quitting due to some sideaches.  What a joke.

Since I am incapable of fixing this problem on my own, I need help from you.

What am I doing wrong?  What can I do to get rid of these sideaches?  What I am doing is not good enough, and it is as frustrating as anything I have experienced in recent memory.  I don’t need anything else to help me not sleep at night.

I am sick of FAILING.

Let us see what tomorrow will bring.  Let us see what I will bring to tomorrow.



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  1. Sarah E.
    February 3, 2009 at 11:22 PM


    My advice would be to slow it down. I don’t know how fast you’re going, but start out slower and even just go a minute at a time and then walk for a minute, run a minute, walk a minute. The next time you run, you can tell yourself two minutes run, two minutes walk, and so forth. Slowing down to walk should help alleviate the sideaches. And also, don’t over think it. If you think you can do it, you can. Things can only get better, right?!

  2. February 5, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    Duder, you may be overdoing the “FAIL” thing.

    Oh and yeah, good advice on slowing down. I run about 2.25 miles per run right now (it’s harder inside on a tread mill), but that works it’s way up to 5 or 6 during summer months. The thing is, I don’t really watch that, I watch how long I run for. Stamina is the most important thing, if you can run forever, it doesn’t matter how fast you go. You are a turtle, bound to win the race. Run based on time, not distance. Distance comes with time.

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