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Digital Television (DTV) On Hold Once Again

The moment we have all been waiting for; three years in the making.  The switch from analog to digital is coming up on February 17th.  I have my two ‘vouchers’ for converter boxes ready to go.  We are less than two weeks away from the….

I interrupt your blog reading for a breaking news announcement: Congress Delays DTV Switch. Why would this happen?  Is three years of warning, planning, and preparation not enough?

Some reaction from my twitter friends:

“Delaying the switch will accomplish nothing, there will still be people not ready when the new deadline comes.”
“It frustrates me! Now I have to listen to those commercials for another 4 months. It’s like pushin an election back!”
“DTV switch postponed…ugh.”

The people above most likely will not be affected by the DTV switch, whenever it happens.  The House passed the legislation 264-158 today, following the Senate’s passing last week, arguing that ‘the government had not properly warned poor, rural, and minority communities.’

If this is the case, this is just another failure by our government.  What seems like a realitvely simple task considering the decisions that are on their plate; how, in three years, is our government unable to inform all television owners about the upcoming change?  I guess change did not come soon enough.  Is this another thing that we can thank Bush for?

There is always two sides to a story.

Say this is not government’s fault; that the blame goes on you, me, all television owning citizens.  We heard the warnings everywhere we went; our house, our friends house, at a sports bar; the warnings were in magazines, online, newspapers.  Yet, here we are, whining, complaining, crying about how we are going to lose our precious television.   How are we supposed to raise out kids without television?  Let the pandemonium begin!

This quote from a White House statement says it all: “The passage of this bipartisan legislation means that millions of Americans will have the time they need to prepare for the conversion.  We will continue to work with Congress to improve the information and assistance available to American consumers in advance of June 12, especially those in the most vulnerable communities.”

Now, in the next four months, America will have the proper time to prepare?  The past three years was not enough?

How in the next four months will Congress improve the information available and improve the assistance available to American consumers?  Again, the last three years was not enough?

Regardless of who is at fault, the delay is happening.  Not until June 12 will we officially switch to DTV.  Until we realize we, on all ends of the spectrum, are still woefully unprepeared.


twitter: @jasondouglas

  1. Liz
    February 7, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    Clearly the failing economy is not keeping Washington’s plate full. I agree. What’s going to happen in a few months that didn’t happen in three years? Dumb.

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