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Runnin’ In The Snow

Mother nature seems to be testing me lately.  Tuesday, I ran in the rain.  Wednesday, I ran in 32 degree weather in the snow.

This was my first solo run since Saturday, when I ran about two miles in much warmer conditions.  The runs I have done since then have been with people, and for some reason, easier.  There is something comforting to have someone running with you.

As for today, Lake Calhoun called my name, and I answered.  I had some difficulty getting myself warm running.  It took me about halfway around the lake to finally feel comfortable, loose, and warm.  I find it amazing how it is possible to actually feel a healthy warm in ‘freezing’ weather.  I actually got a good sweat on during my snowy run.

One thing that I found interesting; I counted between 20-30 other runners at Lake Calhoun, with a handful running with their dogs.  I thought I was a little nuts, but there was a very tight knit club out there Wednesday.  Usually, when you run, you’re focusing on yourself, your run, breathing, etc.   This day, there was lots of ‘the nod’ going on, a non-verbal acknowledgement that ‘you’re one of the strong… welcome to the club’.  Finally, I am starting to HTFU (Google search it if you’re curious to what it means).

Today, I will be running once again.  It is suppose to be a day off for me.  However, things changed due to prior commitments on Friday (that should be a blast; I’ll write about that later 🙂 )  Friday is my day off now, with Saturday and Sunday as running days.

Question: I’ve been blogging a lot about running lately.  Are there other topics you want me to blog about?   I am open to all suggestions.

Til next time,

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas

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