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2009 Mid-Year Self Evaluation

Happy 4th of July weekend! Most people I know are either at a cabin, out on a lake, or even working. I am fortunate to have the day off, and am relaxing the day before my 10K race tomorrow.

Because I have this free time, and it is just about the mid-way point of 2009, it’s an appropriate time to look back at the previous six months, go back to my New Years Resolutions, and see how I have done thusfar. This should be interesting:

  1. Move Out: Well, I am still at home ‘in the nest’, so this one has not happened as planned. I do still have six months to act on this, but I am past my original goal of being out by April 1. I’ve had people tell me ‘stay at home as long as you can, save money, etc’; I’ve also have had people tell me ‘dude, get out already’. It’s about a 50/50 split, which doesn’t help me at all. I am half-heartedly looking for a 1-bedroom or studio, but they’re not cheap. Any roommate possibilities I had have dried up; one is in Iraq until February, one just started seriously dating a girl near his home in St. Cloud. I could find a random to live with, though I wanted to avoid that option. Grade: F.
  2. Improve Overall Health: Though the title is vague, I have been pretty successful with that. In the 6 months, I have lost 28 pounds, raced in three 5K’s, raced in a half-marathon, and have a 10K tomorrow. I am fitting into clothes that haven’t fit me in over 5 years (and some of them are still trendy). What I need to do is start weight training and work on sculpting the body. Though I am not weak, I feel significantly weaker than I was last year at this time. Only unning and push-ups will not cut it. I plan on joining a gym within the next month. Grade: A-.
  3. Smile More In Pictures: This was a weird goal to have. It had been pointed out to me that I was very serious looking in all of my pictures. Pictures were not seeing how I was really feeling. I really thought I was looking model-esque in my pictures. That wasn’t the case. I smile because it feels good, and it’s very indicative of my mood. Life is very good right now, and hopefully getting better pending a couple things coming up. Why not show that off to everyone? Grade: A-.
  4. Create a Personal Blog: Until the last couple weeks, I had been lazy updating the blog for a good month and a half. I am just getting back into it, and it feels good. It’s not too hard to put away a half hour of your time 3 times a week to write about what’s on your mind, either personal or professional. I’m back for good, I hope. Grade: B-.
  5. Eat Out Less: I did not put this on the list because I was always eating unhealthy. This was purely about money management. I have had a couple good months of staying in during lunch at work, but eating tuna or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches gets old, and I am not creative when it comes to preparing a fun lunch. Maybe it’s more laziness, because I have the ability to cook well. The month of June was very bad for this goal, as the amount I spent on eating out was a lot. I’m not talking about the occasional dinner, a date, etc. It’s nice to reward yourself with something nice. Since I have been able to drink again, I have gone out to more happy hours, dinners, and weekends can be full of uptown and downtown outings. Grade: C-
  6. Improve Money Management: This goes with number five above. Best way to sum this up: all my bills are paid on time; I have a rock solid schedule for that, as I am finally able to pay for everything online (thanks Chase for catching up with the times). I had a choice to make: start saving money, or put more money to bills to get then paid off quicker. I chose option number two, as that has the most significant long term effect on my life. The downside: if something were to happen now, it would not be as easy to deal with as it could be, had I started that ‘rainy day fund’. I feel good about it, as my laptop, one credit card, and car will all be off my books within the next eleven months. Eating out less would help me with that ‘rainy day fund’, which I will start next pay period. Grade: B.
  7. Ask Questions: This is something I am still working on in both my professional and personal life. It’s been tough for me, since I have had instances where I do ask a question, and I get the reaction of: ‘are you serious you don’t know that?’ or my question, as innocent as the intent was behind it, causes someone to become very emotional while they’re at work. Some questions are better asked in person and not on facebook chat.  When I do get that type of reaction, it puts me in that shell where I don’t ask questions for fear of feeling like a complete idiot. I have to get over that. Grade: C.
  8. Become More Giving: This has been an interesting one, as it wasn’t a huge priotity for me, for I feel I am a pretty nice person, and do small things to help people out. As the economy has further declined, people have been coming to me for advice on their job search, interview tips, and networking opportunities. I try to give my time to those people as much as possible. I like helping people, and this seems to be a good fit for me. I am also a sucker for any group that is at a bar, trying to raising money for the Breast Cancer 3-day event. I am wearing a bracelet that says ‘High Heels For Hope’ which is from one of the groups I donated to. Of course, there is the feeling that ‘I can do more’. What will that be? Grade: B+
  9. Quit Drinking: Very successful initiative. I was sober from December 27 to May 31. I made it my goal to not drink until I completed a half-marathon; that was achieved. May 31, around 11:30am, I was finally able to enjoy a delicious Newcastle after my five-month hiatus. May 31 will be a day I remember for a long time: first half-marathon, got back on the wagon, and for another reason that happened later that day, which I hope works out 🙂 Grade: A++ (if that’s possible)

Overall GPA for the first half of 2009: 2.67, or a B-. Had I not put moving out as a goal, the GPA increases to 3.0, or a B. When it comes to self-evaluation, I am very tough on myself. The way I feel about life right now, it would seem that my grade should be higher. This is why I self evaluate, as what I feel is going and what is actually going can be two different things. I will always have room to improve, and am ready to start that process immediately.

~Jason Douglas

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  1. Rachael
    July 8, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    WOW!! Thanks for donating to a Breast Cancer 3-Day that wasn’t for me! Way to be a pal!!!! 😛

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