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Video Blog: Good Idea?

A couple weeks ago, right after the 4th of July weekend, I chose to start a You Tube channel. Of course, my name Jason Douglas, was taken. It is located at youtube.com/jasonmichaeldouglas. The reason I started a channel: I had a very cool video from my iPhone of the grand finale at the Excelsior Fireworks show, finally giving me a reason to start a channel.

Since then, I have posted nothing on my channel.

I have been thinking through what to do with the channel. The only idea I have come up with: video blog, or vlog. Pretty good idea in my humble opinion. I have also decided that You Tube is the right arena to do this versus a site like 12seconds.tv; I highly doubt I can contain my thoughts in 12 second rants.

I have done the written, traditional blog throughout the year. It has been a great experience. What do you suggest I do to prepare myself in creating and maintaining a continuing video blog? Who are some good video bloggers in the online world that I can take some knowledge from and apply that to my vlog? Are there best practices to follow when vlogging?

I will be calling on you to inspire me as to what I talk about on these vlogs; this starts immediately. What should my first vlog topic be?

I appreciate any and all suggestions.

~Jason Douglas

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