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Why ‘Maybe’ Is A Useless Word

There are probably a couple hundred thousand words within the English language. Some words are strong, some are weak. Some words are deep, some describe how one feels. Some words are music to everyone’s ears, some words should never be said.

There is one word that has bothered me for a while: maybe.

I live in a world where you either do or you don’t; yes or no. Anything in between does not exist. Maybe’s are in that in between area, the gray area as it were.

The word ‘maybe’ allows one to not commit to plans, to a thought, an idea, or anything else. When I ask someone if they want to do something, and I get a maybe for an answer, it may as well be a no; we all know that you’re not going to do anything.

Why do people use words like ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, and other non-committal or non-confrontational words? Is there a fear of disappointing the other person? Or are you scared to commit to an idea that you are not sure how it will go over?

I try not to use those words, though I slip them in once in a while. If you hear me use those words, feel free to call me out on it.

I am interested to know what words you dislike hearing or using. Try to refrain from the obvious bad words in our beautiful language.

~Jason Douglas

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    November 22, 2009 at 7:25 PM

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