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Dreaming My Way To Insanity

Dreams can be a beautiful thing to experience. They give a vision of hope, a vision to follow for future endeavors.

Dreams can be stretches of the truth, recalling prior experiences to the best of ones memory.

Dreams can be delusions of grandeur, creating an unrealistic goal in ones mind that becomes an obsession, a hindrance to themselves and those around them.

Dreams can be odd, an imagination on crack.

Dreams can, in its own way, tell the story of your current life.

Dreams, in my case, have been strange, and causing me to wake up at 4am on consecutive mornings.

Monday’s dream was one I have not had since summer time. When I had them before, they stayed around for a couple weeks. All the dreams involved me losing my teeth in some form; dissolving from grinding, cracking, falling out.

I have since researched what this could mean. From DreamMoods.com, a person who dreams about teeth falling out could have the following on their mind:

  • A fear of how others perceive me
  • A fear of sexual impotence or other consequences of getting old
  • A fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of myself in a specific situation
  • Lacking power in a current situation
  • Malnutrition
  • Lack of confidence in some situation or relationship
  • A family member or close friend is sick or near death
  • According to the Chinese, a saying states: ‘your teeth will fall out if you’re telling lies’

Well, I’m glad we cleared things up! This is what happens when you over-analyze. Not all of the above CAN apply, but what does will begin to drive me insane. That dream woke me up at 4am Monday morning; I was in a full body sweat, and I almost fell out of bed. As I said above, this was not my first round with these dreams. Now what is going on now that was back then? That is the million dollar question.

What are some of your dreams that you have remembered; good or bad? I want to know, and want to know what they meant. Were you able to relate them to your life? Inquiring minds (me) want to know.


~Jason Douglas

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  1. Ashlee
    November 25, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    Jason, The teeth falling our or crumbling dream is actually more common the having a dream that your falling. Interesting!

  2. Katy
    November 25, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    Wow, maybe examine each meaning and see if you can relate it to any aspect in your life –sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. I’ve had the teeth falling out dream once…weren’t you happy to wake up with teeth in your mouth? 😉 As for me, at least twice a week I will have a dream about either me being chased by a wild animal or a person or me flying away from a person or wild animal or person and sometimes King Kong. As a result, I hide a lot in my dreams from whatever is chasing me. So basically, I am constantly exhausted and afraid in my dreams except for if I’m happily flying which is rare. According to that website, “Having difficulties staying in flight indicates a lack of power in controlling your own circumstances.” Chasing dreams “stem from feelings of anxiety in your waking life” or I’m running away from a problem. Thanks for bringing this up. I probably wouldn’t of looked up what they meant in the first place.

    • November 25, 2009 at 3:12 PM

      Ashlee: I used to have falling dreams when I was younger all the time; was with me for years. I loved the feeling you had when you woke up just before hitting the ground; such a rush!

      Katy: I can apply parts of meanings to my life, I just don’t know how far I am stretching it. I am already a chronic overthinker, so the last thing I need is a dream or a horoscope telling me what’s going on.

      Jen: thanks for the ridiculously awesome response. I’m very glad you had your dream book with me. If I keep having nutty dreams, I may have to pick one up myself!

  3. Jen
    November 25, 2009 at 2:16 PM

    Hi Jason –

    Dreams can be crazy, can’t they? Some dreams I find myself waking up, and wishing I could go back to sleep so I could reenter my dream land because it was such a pleasant dream. Other dreams I find myself waking up, tired, and groggy, and sometimes confused and angry. I’ve always had very vivid dreams (Andrew can attest to this). I’ve never had the teeth falling out dream, but it is extremely common, and dates back, historically, quite far. I have a book about dreams that I sometimes refer to, because it has several different references to psychologists, such as Freud and Jung. It’s called “Field Guide to Dreams” by Kelly Regan. It’s not the best dream book out there, but it’s still pretty good. It says:

    “Teeth are a fundamental symbol of self and a barometer of both physical and psychological well-being. According to psychologist and author Gillian Holloway, when you dream that your teeth are diseased or misshapen, it’s probably a sign that you’re not being true to yourself, or that you’re in a work or personal situation that is a bad fit.”

    It also says:

    “Dreams of losing your teeth are surprisingly common and have little to do with dental phobia. In this case, your teeth are a metaphoric signpost for times of great life change. Baby teeth fall out as you enter adolescence, and wisdom teeth come in as you become an adult. The onset of old age goes hand in hand with the deterioration of your teeth. So losing your teeth can be understood as an expression of insecurity at the prospect of upcoming change. The shame and embarrassment associated with the loss of your teeth can also parallel feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence during times of stress.”

    There ya have it…that’s what my guide says. Sorry for the long post…but I know what it’s like to deal with reoccurring dreams and sort of be perplexed by the thought of them.

    Oh yeah…and there’s another little note that says:

    “If recurrent: Fight those cavities, and don’t forget to floss.”

    Did I mention this book has a sense of humor?

    As far as dreams I’ve had? I often times find myself in a really large old house with many rooms and cubbyholes and staircases that wind all around. Sometimes the different dreams share the same house, but most of the time there are different houses involved. Anyway – I can never find my way out of these houses…and I almost always just want to get outside. And I never feel trapped in the houses, it’s just that I keep opening a door to another room that only has another door, and so on and so on. I usually have these dreams when I have a really big issue I need to work through…personal or with work or some sort of stress that can usually be fixed by looking at the problem through a different perspective (stepping outside the box or “house”).

    Take care…and hope your dreams come to a cooling point soon.


    p.s. My dream guide also says that the losing-your-teeth dream first mention can be traced all the way back to the Chester Beatty papyrus, an ancient Egyptian dream manual dating from 2000 B.C. Then it goes on to say that if you lose your teeth in a dream, expect a death in the family. Also, if in a position of power/high social standing, that if you dream of losing your teeth, you will lose power and possessions. But if a slave dreams of losing his teeth, he will soon win his freedom.

    p.p.s. I don’t usually carry my dream guide with me but I had a strange one earlier this week, so I brought it to work with me, so I could research. 🙂

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