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Procrastination On A New Level

It is very likely if you are reading this blog, you are participating in the American past-time of procrastination. You do it. I do it. All of us have done it at least once, today. Unfortunately, I chose to procrastinate on three aspects of my life, regarding: my eyes, my teeth, my body.

I finally acted on arranging appointments to my eye doctor, my dentist, and my physician. It had been over two years since my last eye check, four and a half years since my last dentist visit, and over seven years since my last physical. It is pretty embarrassing to admit that, considering that I have been covered by insurance fo all three types of treatment for the last year and a half.

Remember: preventative care is usually covered 100%. Cost should not be a factor.

Unfortunately, for part of the time period where I did not go on my checkups, cost was the only factor.

I was in college for a large part of my hiatus, and not covered by insurance. My income came from a weekend bartending and serving job that paid the bills, and allowed me to live comfortably in a college town. Did I have the money to get a regular physical, or an eye exam, or a regular cleaning? Absolutely. I chose not to spend my money on maintaining my health. It was something that could be pushed back until I was covered by insurance.

I chose to procrastinate on maintaining myself. Today was the day of reckoning.

Earlier this month, I finally had my eyes examined, only to find that I needed a new prescription. Could this have been caught earlier? Yes. I chose to procrastinate.

Today, I finally had a physical, which as of now, went well. I am awaiting the results of multiple blood tests for such things as cholesterol, diabetes, among others. If something does come back wrong, could I have prevented this with going to regular checkups? Very possibly. I chose to procrastinate.

Also today, I went to the dentist. To sum up that experience in a few words: there is a saying: ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ That is exactly what I will be doing, as my money will no longer be in my bank account. There is no need to ask the question; yes, this could have been prevented with regular checkups. I chose to procrastinate.

Because of my procrastination from years past, which had me believing that I can use my money to party, eat out all the time, buy frivolous material items, I am paying far more in terms of my health, and many times more in terms of dollars.

Procrastination is never worth it. Never. Especially when it comes to your health.

The lesson to be learned here: if it has been longer than a year since your last checkup of any kind, get checked out immediately. Your small short-term investment may save you thousands in the long run, or even your life.



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