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2010 Year In Review for Jason Douglas

As 2010 comes to a close, here comes the time of the year where people choose to reflect on the positives, negatives, and moments that has a short or long-term impact on their lives. Let me act as if I am the first one to do this.


  • I saw a Minnesota Vikings playoff win in January over the Dallas Cowboys. Remember when those teams were Super Bowl contenders?
  • I traveled to New York for the first time.
  • #unfollowgate
  • I attended the stadium opener at Target Field, which was a dream come true.
  • I saw Conan O’Brien on his comedy tour in May at the Orpheum, my first time there.
  • I fell in love.
  • I ran in and completed Grandma’s Marathon; my first, and definitely not my last.
  • I had another birthday, my 28th to be exact.
  • I helped a friend get a job.
  • I was quoted in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press multiple times.
  • I was interviewed by MPR twice (made it in one of two articles).
  • I was interviewed by WCCO, and was the inspiration for a Good Question as well.
  • I continued to grow as a professional.
  • I continued to grow as a person.
  • I met new friends.
  • I got rid of bad friends.
  • I ate lots of free pizza at Green Mill. Yum!
  • I had my first relationship anniversary.


  • I watched the Minnesota Vikings blow the perfect chance to go to the Super Bowl. I lost five years off my life that day.
  • Twins Opening Day.
  • Car transmission repairs.
  • Inconsistent workout patterns.
  • Was stabbed in the back (figuratively) multiple times.
  • Still at home.

I could expand on each of those positives and negatives. However, I know you don’t want to read The Memoir of Jason Douglas, 2010 Edition. I don’t blame you. Just know that based on every event, experience, interaction and situation above, I learned plenty which will help me become a better man in 2011.

Overall, 2010 was a very great year; one of the best on record. There were some moments and events that tarnish the year to a degree, which is very unfortunate. There’s plenty I’m not posting about, as I want to protect those involved. I am proud of what happened in 2010, and hope that a great foundation was built for the future; most notably 2011.

I’ll explain more about my 2011 Goals/Resolutions in my next post.


Twitter: @jasondouglas

Facebook: Jason Douglas

LinkedIn: Jason Douglas

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