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iPhone Alarms Not Y2K11 Ready

Sure, this is a late post for such an issue. I would have composed something earlier, but I just woke up a little bit ago.

If you’re an iPhone owner, and rely on it’s very loud alarm to wake you up, you are likely mad right now since your alarm did not work today.

After numerous Twitter complaints and reports, it has been discovered that there is a glitch with the iOS in iPhones, including the 3, 3gs, and 4. According to Macworld, this bug fixes itself on January 3rd, just in time for the 2011 work year to begin.

There is a temporary fix for this issue. iPhone users need to set all alarms as recurring for them to work. I have verified this fix to work for myself.

Think back to eleven years ago, when all the hype in the world was the pending disaster that was to be Y2K. Nothing happened that day. More happened in Y2K11 than in Y2K, and it took an iPhone to make it happen.

Just another reason for me to wait until late June to jump ship to Sprint for the HTC Evo.

Hope the #alarmfail did not screw up your day.


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