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Minneapolis Snowstorm Leaves Target a Little Off

Today brought another large snowfall to Minneapolis. With that, I was forced to grab the scraper and brush to unearth my car from the mass amounts of snow that had already accumulated at 2pm. Within seconds, the latest snowstorm had claimed its first casualty: my brush/scraper.

This led to my adventures at Target, where you can get anything and everything.

Except a snow brush and scraper in February in Minnesota stores.

I went to the Ridgedale Target and the Knollwood Target on a day where it’s #snowmageddon2011 1.0, and was told by a Knollwood employee that “we have moved on to spring.”

I understand that stores love to be a holiday or season ahead of pace. Sometimes, there have to be exceptions. Consider the location of your store. In Minnesota, snow does not stop falling until April. Does it make sense to have a small section of winter accessories located in your 1.5 aisles worth of Automotive products? Yes.

Go ahead and move on to spring in the Men’s and Women’s sections. Next time, try to accommodate those who endure six months of snow.

Update: I went to the local Walgreens to pick up a deluxe snow brush for $2.99.


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