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Kenneth Cole, Meet Celeb Boutique!

Early February 2011, popular fashionista Kenneth Cole tried to be witty by comparing the uprising in Cairo, Egypt to the release of his 2011 spring collection. Kenneth Cole tweet fail
Lessons were to be learned, right?

Fast forward to July 20, 2012. A day that will be remembered for the horrific events in Aurora, Colorado where at least twelve have died in attendance of The Dark Knight Rises after a gunman went on a frenzy. Celeb Boutique appears to have done something similar to Kenneth Cole’s tweet fail. See below (image from Joel Feder).

Clearly, nothing was learned here.

Minutes ago, @celebboutique came out with a response and apology (below).

This response took almost two hours. And the tweet was blamed for not checking why Aurora was trending? Unacceptable.

This is a perfect example of why people who run social accounts for brands, whether it is internal or through an agency, training is necessary. People need to listen first before posting. LISTEN! Had that been done, there would not be the uproar against Celeb Boutique.

Have we finally learned our lesson, social media folk?

My thoughts are with the people impacted by the tragedy that unfolded earlier this morning.


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London Olympics Ban Volunteers From Social Media? My Thoughts on 96.3 KTWN.

January 9, 2012 4 comments

An announcement today by the London Olympics Organising Committee (LOCOG) stated that the 70,000 unpaid volunteers will not be able to use social media to mention details of their location, their role or any backstage information about athletes, celebrities or “dignitaries” on social media. However, the volunteers are welcome to disseminate any official London 2012-sanctioned information to their followers.

As a social media strategist, I have some educated opinions on this topic. This is where 96.3 KTWN comes into play. I have been invited to give my professional opinion on this during Tuesday’s morning show with Eric Perkins and Tony Fly at 6:30am.

I would love to get your thoughts on the Olympic volunteer ban. Share a comment that is worthy and I will mention it on the air. Hope you listen in and share your feedback!

Update: I have a link to the audio for my radio debut. Listen in and enjoy. Maybe you will hear me on the radio again in the very near future! Thank you all for your support!

Jason Douglas on 96.3 K-Twin


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Banning Cellphone Calls While Driving is the Wrong Call

December 14, 2011 2 comments

As an avid and experienced cellphone user, I was intrigued by the National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendation to ban all cellphone usage while driving in the United States.

Banning texting while driving makes perfect sense. I have been guilty of texting in the past and know from experience that texting is a major distraction. Try staying in a straight lane while looking down at your phone. It is virtually impossible.

Banning voice messaging using apps such as Dragon Dictation also make sense. Yes, you are no longer typing a message. However, dictation services are not perfect and may misinterpret some words. Proofing a message is necessary. For that, opening the app and sending the message, you need to be looking at your phone.

The issue I have with the NTSB’s proposal is with banning calls while driving.

I am fortunate to have bluetooth in my car which has enabled me to use true hands-free calling. No interaction with my phone is required. The only interaction outside of driving  is to wake up the bluetooth device in the car which takes the same amount of time as changing a radio station. From there, I tell the bluetooth I want to make a call, state the name, verify it and wait for the call to connect.

Essentially, I am having a conversation with someone in the car. By banning cellphone calls, the NTSB is essentially banning talking to someone in the passenger or back seats. Seems preposterous, right?

While I recognize not everyone has bluetooth due to cost and age of their vehicle, there are other ways to become hands-free. Those options help minimize the necessary interaction on their phone which in theory, would help create more attentive drivers.

My proposal: ban cellphone calls for drivers who do not have a hands-free option. With that, offer a hands-free option to these drivers. In addition, make bluetooth devices standard in all vehicles sold in the US.

What are your thoughts on the NTSB’s proposal? Share  your take in the comments section below.

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How To Get the New Facebook Timeline

September 22, 2011 7 comments

On September 22, Facebook announced their latest revisions which include integration with Spotify, Netflix and an overhaul on the user timeline. Access for all will be rolled out on September 30th. I am not patient enough to wait nine days for the latest and greatest version of Facebook. I thought “how would someone get access to the new  Facebook?”

Here is an idea: Google “how to get access to new Facebook.” Or, keep reading below.

I found an article from the Huffington Post which includes a video and a list of what to do. Below are the steps I followed to get access:

  1. On Facebook’s search bar, type in “Developer.” Click on the first result. Then click “Allow” to give the Facebook app access. In the next few steps, you will become a developer for a minute. Check that off the bucket list!
  2. When in the Facebook Developer App, click on “+ Create New App” button. Fill out the App display name and description. While nothing will be made public, be safe and name the app after yourself.
  3. Agree to the Developer privacy agreement. Don’t take the time to read it. You are only delaying and depriving yourself out of new Facebook.
  4. On the left side, click on “Open Graph” and type in a test verb and noun for your new app.
  5. Run through a few pages of new app information. There is no need to enter anything here. Keep on saving changes and continuing. The quicker you do this, the quicker you have new Facebook!
  6. Once completed, go back to your profile. It may take up to ten minutes, but you should have a prompt at the top of your old timeline to view the new Facebook! Hooray!

The above process is what worked for me. For those who do not want to play developer for a few minutes, there is another, yet slower way to get access: sign up for beta access where there is no guarantee on how long it will take to gain access.

Note: when you publish your timeline, only others who have followed the above steps to launch the new timeline for themselves will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see the old profile.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for clearly documenting the process.

After you gain access, take the quick tour, play around and share your thoughts on Facebook’s latest and greatest version of itself.


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Well Timed Marketing by CrowdCut? Marketing and Selling Around Tragedy.

Considering the events that transpired yesterday, I found the CrowdCut email I received interesting. Is the timing intentional or lucky? See the deals for today below. I did see some tweets with reports of contractors, insurance people and remodelers posting signs on every house to gain new customers throughout North Minneapolis. Some would call that aggressive. One used the term “vultures.” Others consider it opportunistic. There’s a need and someone can satisfy that need. It would be mutually beneficial.

What are your thoughts on marketing and selling around tragedy?

Update: CrowdCut just tweeted me and said the six deals shown in the screen shot were planed two weeks in advance. Just a coincidence. 


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Welcome Back, Hellos and Goodbyes from Jason Douglas

April 21, 2011 10 comments

Welcome back, hello and goodbye, all in the same sentence? Yes. Everything in that sentence and title applies to everything that’s been happening in my life. Let me explain:

Welcome back refers to my tenth return to the blogosphere. It has come to my attention that when I posted new content on here, people actually read it. Add that knowledge to my passion for writing, and that equals me promising to make more time for writing. It makes sense to spend more time doing things you love and are passionate about. If you read it, I will write it. I thank you all who have, will and continue to read my content.

Hello refers to a few new additions and changes in my life. First: I have a new phone. I switched from the iPhone 3gs to the HTC Inspire. With the relationship I and many others have with their phone, this was a big move to make. I am enjoying the android network and have already sold my iPhone on Craigslist for a significant profit.

Hello, new apartment! I am very happy to report a move that is long overdue. At the end of this month, I will be moving to Golden Valley to a newly renovated apartment. Highlights include new laminate wood flooring, new stainless steel appliances, an incredible amount of closet space, a third floor view of the pool, and no roommates 🙂 With my new place located under a mile away from the West End area, I expect to become a regular at Crave, Cooper and Pei Wei. An apartment warming party is already in the works.

Goodbye is something you say when you are leaving. With that said, I am very proud to report a move that came out of the blue. Today marks an end of an era, as I am leaving my role as the Online Marketing Manager at Spyder Trap Online Marketing.

Hello is what you say when you start something new. I will be joining the team at Nina Hale as their Search Marketing Manager starting April 25.

I am extremely proud of my time at Spyder Trap, spanning over the last two years. I have been able to work with great clients, including Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Shock Doctor, UnitedHealth Group, among others. I am very lucky to have led the search marketing and social media marketing groups to where it stands today.

When I started at Spyder Trap in March 2009, I was the second salaried employee in the history of the company. Two years later, Spyder Trap has 14 employees. 700% growth speaks for itself. I am very proud to have been a major player in the company’s growth. It is something I will be able to look back on and always be proud of.

I am extremely proud of the work I completed at Spyder Trap. Despite some individuals beliefs, the quality of work I completed was good very good great. Fortunately for myself and the clients, the numbers support the claim and make that statement indisputable. It is one of the main reasons why I love the online marketing industry: the numbers do not lie.

I will miss the relationships and the clients at Spyder Trap. However, there are opportunities that come around that are too good to pass up. Spyder Trap was that opportunity in March 2009. Nina Hale is that opportunity in April 2011. I am very excited to start at Nina Hale on April 25. There is no limit to the success I will have at Nina Hale.

I want to thank Mike Rynchek and Spyder Trap for giving me the opportunity. Looking back, I consider this to be a rare relationship where both parties won. I wish Spyder Trap nothing but the best in the future.

New phone. New living space. New job. There’s a saying that bad things happen in threes. So do good great things.

We’ll talk soon, friends. I promise.


iPhone Alarms Not Y2K11 Ready

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Sure, this is a late post for such an issue. I would have composed something earlier, but I just woke up a little bit ago.

If you’re an iPhone owner, and rely on it’s very loud alarm to wake you up, you are likely mad right now since your alarm did not work today.

After numerous Twitter complaints and reports, it has been discovered that there is a glitch with the iOS in iPhones, including the 3, 3gs, and 4. According to Macworld, this bug fixes itself on January 3rd, just in time for the 2011 work year to begin.

There is a temporary fix for this issue. iPhone users need to set all alarms as recurring for them to work. I have verified this fix to work for myself.

Think back to eleven years ago, when all the hype in the world was the pending disaster that was to be Y2K. Nothing happened that day. More happened in Y2K11 than in Y2K, and it took an iPhone to make it happen.

Just another reason for me to wait until late June to jump ship to Sprint for the HTC Evo.

Hope the #alarmfail did not screw up your day.


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