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My Photo Shoot With High Heel Photography

As we all waved goodbye to 2011 and went into 2012, that brought on the unofficial restart and new beginning of many lives. “A new year, a new you” is a common mantra for people across the world. Goals, resolutions and to-do’s are created and hopefully achieved. One of my to-do’s: have a photoshoot.

Lucky for me, I know Nikki Duff of High Heel Photography, a Professional Portrait Photographer in Minneapolis. She has been a long-time friend and wife to my college roommate Nick. Nikki had me come out to St. Paul (yes, I was on the wrong side of the train tracks :)) and I quickly learned why she is good at what she does. While I saw random pieces, she saw opportunities for great photos. Below are the results of her efforts. Thank you very much to Nikki for her work.


This backdrop produced some of my favorites. And I thought it was just an old door.


The basic pose. Nice to have a photo where I show a smile.


Again, the great blue backdrop is used. This may be my favorite from the shoot.


Yeah, I have mad hops! Cool action shot.


Of course argyle would be a part of the shoot. This might be the new photo for #ArgyleFriday 🙂


Deep thoughts, by Jason Douglas.


Am I looking mischievous, or secretly happy?


Jason Douglas: happy.


Am I: a) confused, b) pouting, or c) not liking what I am smelling, likely from my cooking. 🙂


This picture says it all. Professional. Somewhat tan looking. Happy.

Again, I want to thank Nikki for taking some time out of her Saturday to do the photoshoot and all of her work on the photos to make them look awesome. If you’re looking for a professional photographer in Minneapolis, make sure to give Nikki a look.


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