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Find Out If Your Twitter Followers Are Fake

Ever since Mitt Romney and his communications team was exposed for purchasing Twitter followers, the legitimacy of every accounts following has been increasingly criticized. In a recent article on Yahoo, well known individuals including President Barack Obama, Mark Cuban and the founders of Twitter were exposed as having a significant percentage of their following deemed as fake or inactive with fake follower percentages reaching as high as 32%.

An issue with fake followers is how affordable and easy it can be to acquire thousands of fake followers. Many individuals still believe that a large following is the key to success on Twitter or social media. That is simply not true. If someone’s following is largely fake or inactive, their following and their potential impact becomes diminished. I strongly recommend not purchasing followers. Compare it to purchasing links for SEO value; it is a tactic no one recommends and could hurt your reputation in the long run.


Yahoo used Status People’s Fake Follower Check to analyze the accounts. Just log-in to your Twitter account and authorize the application to sync with your account to receive data on yours or other accounts.

I ran my Twitter account and was pleased with the outcome: 1% fake, 10% inactive, 89% good.

I spoke about fake Twitter followers and other topics today on 96.3 KTWIN (play at the 4:10 mark)

Where do you rank?


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