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20 Questions From Saturday’s #tweetnmeet

November 15, 2010 2 comments

For those who are not familiar, #tweetnmeet is a live chat moderated by Erica Mayer designed to connect people on twitter by answering questions about themselves and generating conversation around the responses.

#tweetnmeet’s are relatively new, and have gained a large following in a short amount of time. This Saturday, Erica moderated another #tweetnmeet. I was unable to participate, but tracked down all 20 questions. Here are my answers (in bold):

Question 1: who are you, where do you live, what do you do? Jason Douglas; Minneapolis/Hopkins; Online Marketing Manager at Spyder Trap Online Marketing.

Question 2: U R snowed in: choose 1 person, 1 thing, and 1 food to get you through. My lady; a large blanket; pizza from Umbria.

Question 3: what is your favorite song right now? Sadly, I do not have a working radio in my car. I have no idea what’s hot or what’s not. 😦

Question 4: what is the story behind your profile pic? Where, who took it, special meaning? I was at a friends’ wedding last October, and there was a photographer who was taking group photos. I assembled a group, and we were on our way up until the rest of the group decided to ditch me. Awkwardly, I asked if I could still have a picture taken. The photographer said: ‘Sure… act like you just got a DWI.’ I was instantly confused, and SNAP, the moment was captured.

Note: question 5 was skipped. #tweetnmeet’s get exciting 🙂

Question 6: favorite TV show? Tie between The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Question 7: 1st KISS! I have no idea.

Question 7 (there were two question 7’s): favorite part of your job? Being able to show people exactly what I do, and show what impact it had for the client.

Question 9: if you could be an animal…what would you be/why? I would enjoy being a wolf; always thought they were a pretty animal, but they can be feisty, and you don’t want to mess with them.

Question 10: favorite dessert? Who makes it best? I do not have a big sweet tooth, but I do enjoy some red velvet cake on occasion. Whoever cooks it at that time makes it the best 🙂

Question 11: siblings? I am an only child.

Question 12: what astrological sign are you? Do the “traits” match your personality? I am a gemini. I think it fits well enough, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Question 13: do you blog? and what is your favorite blog to follow? Funny you ask that, since I’m blogging now 🙂 I don’t follow many blogs; it’s something I need to work on.

Question 14: one thing surprising thing about yourself NOT in your twitter bio. I used to be a huge nerd about U.S. Presidential history, once knowing all presidents in order, terms/years served, policies championed, family members, and more.

Question 15: if you could change your 1st name-what would you want it to be? I wouldn’t.

Question 16: 1st thing you notice in a sig. other? Physically, and personality. Well, first things I noticed with my current lady would include her blue eyes, her laugh, and her figure. I could tell that she was a very personable girl. I liked all of the mentioned traits.

Question 17: your life is a movie…who plays you? No idea… who’s a famous bald person: Howie Mandell (minus the soul patch)? Vin Diesel?

Question 18: favorite cheap munchie food. Think: college. lol. Chips and salsa; and if I am living the good life, I’ll melt cheese on the chips.

Question 19: sport you are the best at….and sport you wish you were better at? I was a jack-of-all-trades athlete, playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and rugby in my life. I feel I was good to very good at all of them. I wish I was better at baseball or golf. If I had committed more time to just those sports, or just one of them, I would have gone far.

Question 20: in 140 characters tell an alien why they should let you live. 😉 I have too much unfinished business to deal with in my life. I’m just getting started.

If you can, join in on the next #tweetnmeet. I’ve been able to connect with a few new people, and always enjoy seeing the responses to the questions. You quickly learn about the people in and outside of your community.

#tweetnmeet with you soon!