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Thoughts from Sex And The City 2

May 31, 2010 2 comments

On Friday, I surprised the lady with tickets to a VIP viewing of Sex And the City 2 (SACT2) at the Theatres at Mall of America with the pre-party at Crave. It was an interesting atmosphere for be to be around, as it was lacking testosterone. Out of the estimated 150 people in attendance, there were three men, and I was likely the only straight male. I was very surprised at that ratio; I figured there would be a couple groups of single men who would think their odds were in their favor. I also thought there would be groups of gay men at the event, as they had good representation in the SATC series.

Despite numerous unfavorable reviews, I thought that SATC2 was entertaining. I’m not sure what the critics were expecting; they got what they knew they would get: more of the same: Samantha is still whoring it up; Carrie is still conflicted; Miranda was surprisingly entertaining, and Charlotte was even more conservative. Also, as expected, SATC2 provided more glam and extravagance.

The extravagance is what I had an issue with. Every time something ‘blingy’ was shown, all the women were ooh’ing and ahh’ing. I overheard comments of ‘I want that’, ‘I want to go there’, ‘why can’t I have that?’, ‘he’s yummy’, ‘I want some of that guy…’, among other statements.

Hearing comments such as those above can give a guy a complex, as most guys are unable to provide this for their significant others. Not one thing that garnered an ooh or ahh I can provide for my girlfriend, and that is a blow to the ego. I want to, but I cannot. It makes a guy wonder: ‘is what I have, what I give, enough?’ I like to think that I am good enough for my girlfriend; for the rest of the guys whose girlfriends were at SATC2, I doubt they are.

I think that’s why I dislike movies so much. The reality I live in is so far away from the world created in hollywood movies. I don’t like the escape it provides. It only creates an inferiority complex inside my mind. I have this thought, a belief that what I provide to friends, my girlfriend, or anyone else around me is not only enough, but more than enough. I am that everything for you. Movies show there is a whole different world out there that I do not have access too.




House of Comedy Opening at Mall of America

Wednesday night, I was fortunate to have been in attendance at the grand opening of the House of Comedy at the Mall of America. This was all possible thanks to winning passes on twitter from Mall of America’s twitter account. Again, I am very lucky when I least expect or ask for it; trust me, I’m not complaining.

The House of Comedy features a nice, trendy looking bar that greets you upon your arrival. It helps set the mood with its intimate feel and clean, classy look. My group did not eat there, but the picture of the burger from the R. Burger bar looked delicious; I will hold off on the typical chinese/thai mall food next time.

Walking into the comedy club, I was surprised at how large it was. I must note that this was my first comedy club experience, so I had the opportunity to go into this experience as a pure newbie to the scene. Despite the largeness to the club, it still had an intimate feel; or that could have been due to being very close to the stage.

The headliner was Jeff Capri, who has been on Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed, and Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star (of which I never had heard of). Though I’ve never heard of him, he lived up to being at headliner status. From talking about a shadow on his leg, to his love for Michael Jackson, to discussing race; he hit many funny spots and had the audience laughing at just about everything. I think they call that ‘in the zone’.

The House of Comedy has done a very good job of being prepared for opening and starting off strong. They are on twitter (though they could use some help there), they have a facebook fan page, their website looks pretty solid, and they have a lineup already scheduled including Greg Giraldo and Norm MacDonald which should attract a good following early on in this businesses life.

I will go back to the House of Comedy. Good atmosphere, good service, good laughs, and on some nights, an open mic opportunity. Yes, I will someday do an open mic night to try my hand at comedy. I’ll definitely give everyone a heads up when that happens; I promise it will be at the House of Comedy.

~Jason Douglas

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