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Sunday Thoughts

January 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Today has been a pretty chill day.  Other than doing laundry, I have been a complete pile.  Sometimes, you need days like this to recharge.  When the opportunity presents itself for a very chill day, my mind runs faster than normal; even faster than at 2am.

Some of the thoughts that have passed through the brain today:

  • Why is there this feeling of entitlement inside me?  What do I really deserve?
  • Does it ever not snow in Minnesota?
  • -4 pounds since the beginning of the year, still miles away from where I need to be
  • Will it happen?
  • Why did I not bring in my car to get an oil change this weekend?
  • Am I all sports, sports, sports?  I think I need new/more hobbies…
  • Why is it so tough for me to enjoy the ride of life?  I want ‘it’, and I want ‘it’ now… being patient is difficult…
  • Are the Eagles actually going to comeback and win?
  • The Eagles are winning… wow…
  • How do you use TwitPic?
  • Am what I’m doing right now in life, for friends, for random people… is it enough? no…
  • Hope I like sushi the second time around as much as I did the first time

There’s a lot more running through my head; more than I really want to share.  There’s plenty of material up there to get people wondering about me.  I consider my over analyzing, random way of thinking to be one of my strengths and weaknesses at the same time.  When something is over analyzed, one might distort what is reality into their pile of hypothetical thoughts.  That’s where people get in trouble, including myself on occasion.  I do my best to accept things in life for what they are; right now, my best is not enough.

Can you see why it’s impossible for me to fall asleep at night?  This brain of mine never stops…

That’s all for now; Happy Sunday Funday.

P.S. great finish to the Eagles/Cardinals game.



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