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When Is Swearing or Cursing OK?

February 1, 2010 11 comments

I was watching the Grammy’s last night when Drake/Eminem/Lil Wayne performed something. I wasn’t sure what they performed because over half of it was censored by CBS. The moments of silence were appreciated, as I was working on a different blog post.

It inspired me to send out two tweets:

“Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake, lil wayne; combined, you owe me 11 minutes, 28 seconds of my life back. When can I collect on that?” (still early, but no response from any of the involved parties)

“Why do people swear/curse in tweets? I’ve unfollowed some who choose to do that. You lose a lot of legitimacy when you do that #NotNecessary

The second tweet started a good conversation amongst my following. Many agreed with me; some asked what words were appropriate; one sent me a direct message and apologized for a curse in a recent tweet (it’s ok… I’ll let it slide this one time :)), and one person suggested I write about my thoughts on swearing. So, here I am.

Swearing in social media does not make sense to me. Why anyone needs to say the F-word, N-word, C-word, B-word in a tweet or Facebook status update is beyond me. I have unfollowed people that have used those types of words, as I do not want to be associated with those types of people.

In most situations, swearing makes you appear as one with a low intelligence level. F this, F that, F you! Would you say that during an interview? A presentation? No, unless you wanted to be unemployed or fired.

Imagine saying that on a first date, or any date for that matter. Does that really sound attractive coming out of anyone’s mouth? No, no it does not. Women: do not try to sound like one of the guys. Men: do not try to sound edgy by swearing. It doesn’t matter who it’s coming from: it’s gross.

Would you use that language around strangers at a networking event, where you are making your first impression on fellow industry people, or potential employers, or potential business leads and future clients? No, no you would not. Do not try to say that you would either. We all know better.

Then why should it be in a tweet?

I have never sworn in the social media world. Offline is a different story. No, I do not sound like a trucker. There are times I replay what I just said and wonder ‘was that necessary?’

Does swearing or cursing add value? I am curious to hear your thoughts. (keep it clean :))