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Runnin’ In The Snow

Mother nature seems to be testing me lately.  Tuesday, I ran in the rain.  Wednesday, I ran in 32 degree weather in the snow.

This was my first solo run since Saturday, when I ran about two miles in much warmer conditions.  The runs I have done since then have been with people, and for some reason, easier.  There is something comforting to have someone running with you.

As for today, Lake Calhoun called my name, and I answered.  I had some difficulty getting myself warm running.  It took me about halfway around the lake to finally feel comfortable, loose, and warm.  I find it amazing how it is possible to actually feel a healthy warm in ‘freezing’ weather.  I actually got a good sweat on during my snowy run.

One thing that I found interesting; I counted between 20-30 other runners at Lake Calhoun, with a handful running with their dogs.  I thought I was a little nuts, but there was a very tight knit club out there Wednesday.  Usually, when you run, you’re focusing on yourself, your run, breathing, etc.   This day, there was lots of ‘the nod’ going on, a non-verbal acknowledgement that ‘you’re one of the strong… welcome to the club’.  Finally, I am starting to HTFU (Google search it if you’re curious to what it means).

Today, I will be running once again.  It is suppose to be a day off for me.  However, things changed due to prior commitments on Friday (that should be a blast; I’ll write about that later 🙂 )  Friday is my day off now, with Saturday and Sunday as running days.

Question: I’ve been blogging a lot about running lately.  Are there other topics you want me to blog about?   I am open to all suggestions.

Til next time,

~Jason Douglas

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Runnin’ In The Rain

March 24, 2009 1 comment

Monday brought a nice day off after a great run on Sunday.  The training pattern I am executing: run two days, rest one.  Since yesterday was a well-deserved rest day, today, no matter the weather, was a running day.

I had The Weather Channel online all day to see if the rain would hold off, if the rain would go away.  That turned into ‘how hard will it be raining when I am running?’.  Having not run in rain in months, I was a little leary.  Did I bring enough, or the right running gear?  Was my running ‘outfit’ going to hold up in the torrential, cold rain? (that’s for you Taj 🙂 )

After staying late to finish up launching a new sponsored search campaign for a client, I was on my way to Lake Calhoun to run in the rain.  I called my friend Brian, (you may remember him as the one who thought of this brilliant idea to do a half-marathon), and asked him if he wanted to go running with me.  It was intended to be sarcastic due to the weather conditions.  However, he said yes.  Surprised, I headed to his place to run around a local pond/preserve.

I tried to stretch a little more than normal just in case I never warmed up in the cold.  That proved to be key to why the run in the rain went well.  Brian and I made it around this pond three times, which I estimate was three miles.  I felt good throughout the run, especially considering the conditions.  I had no idea what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised to how well I felt, how far I am going and feeling good, and how much I am enjoying running.

My marathon running friend, Kenny, was right.  He said to dress light, and that I would enjoy it more than I thought.  I should trust what he says; he has run in numerous marathons including Grandma’s and the Boston Marathon.  He’s kind of a big deal.

Tuesday was an awesome experience; today will be more of the same.  I hope to go a little further and push myself maybe a half mile further.

I guess we can compare me to the USPS; rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail will stop me from running.  🙂

Til next time…

~Jason Douglas

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Outdoor Running: Week One Recap

March 23, 2009 1 comment

Last Sunday, I began running outside in my training for the half-marathon.  I would have liked to begin running outside sooner, but wussed out because I did not want to run in negative degree cold weather.  I did not think that I would have to train my body to run in those conditions for a race on May 31.

In one week, eight days actually, I went from barely making it a mile to running around Lake Calhoun.  Progress is always nice; it keeps people motivated.

Highlights of the eight day period:

  • Ran six of eight days
  • last three runs were at least two miles, with yesterday’s run around Lake Calhoun was arounr 3.5 to 3.7 miles of running (new record)
  • minimal side aches; the ones I get I an easily run through

What I learned:

  • running with someone does help; thanks to those who suggested that
  • a large majority of runners on Lake Calhoun are visually pleasing; I hope I add to that 🙂
  • only serious runners apply: the runners at Lake Calhoun are there to run, not socialize.
  • I might be breathing wrong; was doing in the nose, out the mouth.  Running buddy Caitlin suggested I breathe in and out the mouth: more oxygen, fewer cramps and sideaches
  • slow down my pace = running further.  Speed will come with time.

My plan from today until race day is to run two days, rest one.  Today is a rest day, which is a blessing with how the weather is today.  If by the end of the month, I can get to running around 4-5 miles with ease, my confidence will be very high going into the next month of training.

I hope to get a group of people to run with at least once a week, most likely on a weekend.  It sounds like that there are quite a few people in my core group of friends that are all about running.

Thanks to everyone supporting me!

~Jason Douglas

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Outdoor Running Day Two

March 16, 2009 3 comments

Yesterday brought me a wake-up call with my half-marathon training.  Things just did not go well in my first outdoor run this year.

Today brought an opportunity for me to redeem myself, to show myself that I am not as far off as I was yesterday.  Then again, after yesterday’s performance, it would be near impossible to do worse today.

I got home from meeting friends at happy hour just in time to get my run in before sundown.   I stretched, I stretched again, then went on my way.


  • I ran at least a half-mile further without stopping
  • My lungs were not as heavy, very little hacking up
  • No sideaches, again!
  • I could have gone further; I need to HTFU (if you know what that means, two bonus points for you)
  • I did run about a half-mile after walking for a few minutes
  • I did a push-up and sit-up workout after the run


  • I stopped earlier than I should have, I need to HTFU
  • I need to not be afraid to go further; keep running!  1.5-2 miles may be ‘ok’ right now, that’s not going to cut it in a week

Overall, today was 100 times better than yesterday.  I am enjoying running outside the last two days more than any of the time I have spent on a treadmill so far this year.  I can only hope that the weather continues to hold up.

Tomorrow, I have to decide on going to my bosses house for St. Patrick’s Day dinner, or running after work.

What should I do?

~Jason Douglas

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