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April Recap and Perfectionism

I have been away from the blog for three weeks (bad Jason!). It has not been due to a lack of material, and not fully due to a lack of time (though that has been the reason some of the time), it became a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation. I have been blogging a bit on the Spyder Trap Online Marketing Blog, though that is more professional and industry related. A lot has happened in my life in the last three weeks. Let’s give a quick recap.

I ran in the St. Thomas ‘Running to Open Doors’ 5k with my running friend Katie on April 18th. This was my first real run since I had purchased new running shoes. I had been dealing with some foot issues that sidelined me for over a week. Though I improved my time compared to the first 5K I ran by 71 seconds (look at #57), it was very apparent that I was not ready for a race of any kind. I struggled with pacing and cramping, having to actually stop twice to stretch out. Since the race, I have done some running, getting up to the 6-7 mile range. I am behind where I want to be at this time. We are four weeks away from the Minneapolis half-marathon; time to get going!

Work is going very well. I am almost two full months in and have noticed myself grow professionally during that time. I can tell in how I talk with people, how I think through questions; my understanding of all online marketing is much greater than it was just 7 weeks prior. There are plenty of improvements to be made with myself: improving my networking skills: recognizing an opportunity, asking the right questions, etc.; increase my knowledge in web programming: not necessarily with writing code or creating web pages, but with knowing how to talk about it with clients; that is key since I have added an ‘account executive’ hat to the pile I wear already. I want to be a ‘one-person agency’. To clarify what that means: I want to have a wide knowledge base in all that encompasses online marketing, and have the ability to deliver on each task within online marketing. I do not think there is a better way to show value than by having the ability to talk about everything, and execute everything.

Overall, life is going very well. The only obstacle in front of me is myself. In some things in life (it is increasing every day) I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I expect so much out of myself at all moments of the day, i is to the point where if something goes well, it does not excite me, because I expected that to happen. I think to myself: ”why get excited for doing what you were supoosed to do?” Then when I don’t execute something as well as I should have, it makes me go crazy inside, even over small mistakes. I try to hide it as best as possible, though lately I have done a terrible job of doing so.

For those who are perfectionists, were perfectionists, or know someone like that:

  • Is there a way to end the perfectionism in you?
  • How do you deal with a perfectionist?

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas


A New Beginning: A Step Forward

March 9, 2009 3 comments

Today was the beginning of a new phase in my career and in my life.  I began my employment at Spyder Trap Online Marketing today as an Online Marketing Specialist.  My role at Spyder Trap will include: search engine optimization (SEO), sponsored search marketing (PPC), social media marketing and social media monitoring, online marketing strategy, business development, and more as my experience progresses.

This is an opportunity that I did not think would be available to me so early in my career.  Already feeling lucky to have a role in online marketing at Risdall Marketing Group working exclusively in search marketing, I had no reason to look elsewhere.  This was an opportunity that presented itself to me four months ago by my good friend from college Mike Rynchek, President of Spyder Trap.   I mention that only to emphasize a point that I make to college students and all of my friends: networking just might be the best tool to help you along in your career.  I am two-for-two in the jobs I have held have been presented to me due to who I knew, and not necessarily what I knew.

It was a tough decision to leave Risdall; my nine months was very enjoyable, very educational, and was a great fit.  In the end, there was no opportunity for me to expand my role like it has been presented to me at Spyder Trap.

I am very thankful for my time at Risdall; they will be always remembered in a good light as the company that was willing to give me an opportunity.  I just hope that I exceeded their expectations they had for me.

Another role for me at Spyder Trap will to be a contributing writer on the Spyder Trap Blog.  You may have noticed it located on my blogroll.  Now, I will be blogging on a blog on my blogroll.  I will still keep a mix of personal and professional here in this blog, but may lean more towards personal for now.

Thank you to all who have congratulated me and wished me well; I do appreciate it.  Unfortunately, there are doubters out there.  People have doubted me since high school:

  • You will never go to college (I did)
  • You will never graduate college (I did)
  • You will never succeed as President of AMA-SCSU (I excelled)
  • You will never find that ideal first job (I did)
  • You will never be able to handle all the responsibilities of your new job (I will)

The path I have taken through life has not been as conventional, or as safe as others.  However, anytime that people doubt me, it seems as if I have proven people wrong.  I look forward to proving the doubters wrong again.

I am very excited for the opportunity ahead at Spyder Trap, and ready to become a major player within the company.

That’s the update on the professional side of life; I have plenty more to share that has happened in my life.

As always, stay tuned 🙂

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas