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Good times with friends

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The last two nights have been filled with friends I haven’t been able to actually sit down and talk with in ages.  Sure, you see someone at a happy hour, house party, etc; it’s not the same as one-on-one or small group interaction.

Tuesday night, I met up with Al, Emily, Molly, and Al’s girlfriend Emily at McCormick & Schmicks in the Westin Hotel in Edina.  It has been since late summer since we played beach volleyball since I had seen him for any length of time.  It was an absolute blast; he was fun, his friends were fun, his girlfriend was awesome.  Non-girlfriend Emily is also running in the half-marathon I’ll be participating in; maybe we’ll have to have a side bet rewarding the heads-up winner.  I’m hoping to see the same crew Sunday night for sushi.

Last night, I met up with Caitlin at Lone Spur Grill in Minnetonka.  I’ve known her since AMA days in college.  It had only been a couple months since I last saw her; that was in a large group where it’s tough to interact with everyone.  We caught up on our careers, our lives, new years resolutions, and everything in between.  It’s always good to hear about someone else doing well and living happily.

I hope more get togethers with lost friends happen soon.  I’ve made more calls, and have been getting a positive response every time someone answers and it’s not a wrong number.  I’m glad that I chose to start calling people; it’s been a great re-connecting experience.  Hopefully, this will re-start many friendships.

Other personal notes: the workouts have been going well.  I had another workout get together with Katie last night; worked on the chest, shoulders, and triceps; was also able to run for 12 minutes, stopping due to a sticky treadmill.  My foot stuck twice making the treatmill ‘stop’ or stick, which made my leg feel like it was buckling.  Everything is ok, but it was kind of scary.  The positive that came from that: definitely could have ran for a few more minutes.  We’re hoping to get another workout in either tomorrow or Saturday.

Tonight is going to be a chill-out night; possibly do some core work and watch ‘Must See TV’ on NBC; a.k.a. The Office. Rumor is that Andy finds out that Angela has been cheating on him with Dwight; ooh the drama!

Life is very good 🙂

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas