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Windows 7: Best Version of Windows Ever?

January 8, 2009 2 comments

That’s what Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said today at CES 2009Windows 7, Microsoft’s new operating system is rumored to replace Vista, the system that always crashes my Dell laptop and gives me the blue screen of death.  If that is true, that means Vista was given 2 years to upset people all over, myself included.

Windows 7 beta comes out tomorrow.  If it is the ‘best version of Windows ever“, I’m all for it.  I’m PC, and proud of it.  Another bad Windows product might have me leaning towards Apple products.

My work has had hesitations switching from reliable Windows XP to Vista.  After my experience with Vista, it makes perfect sense why they didn’t switch. I should have spent a couple hundred bucks in getting my old laptop fixed.

Vista has a good feel to it: smooth, clean, and loves to crash on me when I’m writing long blogs, papers, or emails.  I’m very open to trying Windows 7; it can’t be worse than Vista.

Do you have Vista on your computer/laptop?  What are your experiences so far?  Will you try Windows 7 when it comes out tomorrow?  Will Microsoft apologize for creating Microsoft Vista?