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Prevent Your Twitter And Social Media Accounts From Hacking

Today, another major hacking occurred to a trusted news source, the Associated Press. This particular hacking was not light in its messaging. A tweet stating “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured” was sent at 12:13pm CST resulting in thousands of RT’s, the stock market briefly crashing 143 points, and a world fearful of another potential terrorist attack.

Quickly, White House and AP staff confirmed the tweet was baseless and a result of a hack.

This is not the first time a major brand has been hacked. Burger King’s twitter account was hacked in February, and numerous Major League Baseball accounts were compromised in 2012.

How does this happen? Often times, hacking results due to weak passwords. This is not the sexy, technical answer expected. Other reasons include giving permission to third party applications to find out various pieces of information about your account: who isn’t following you back, top connections, your Twitter crush, etc.

In the Associated Press case, this could have been a focused initiative by an unknown group who first attempted to steal AP journalist passwords. Mike Baker, AP reporter tweeted “The AP Hack came less than an hour after some of us received an impressively disguised phishing email.”

There is another side to this story: Twitter appears extremely vulnerable to hacking. Earlier in 2013, Twitter reported 250,000 account passwords had been compromised by hackers and issued no further comment. In June 2012, popular professional networking site LinkedIn endured a security breach impacting 6.4 million users and their passwords.

Quick tips for users to prevent hacking

  • Change your passwords every 90 days
  • Avoid using the same password for all of your accounts
  • Avoid using a family members name that someone close to you could easily guess
  • Use numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols (when allowed)

All social networking sites must be serious about preventing what feels like constant hacking. Two-factor authentication is one solution. This would enable the social channel to send a text verification code to your phone or email after you log in to ensure you are the owner of the account. Adding an extra layer of security may prevent numerous hacking attempts, until the hackers find another way.

Have you been hacked or compromised before? Share your story in the comment area below.


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NBC News Twitter Hacked @NBCNews by The Script Kiddies

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Another Twitter hoax occured Friday afternoon at 4:49pm CDT with The Script Kiddies taking credit for hacking into the NBC News Twitter account, spreading erroneous reports of a plane attacking Ground Zero in New York, NY.

This comes on the weekend of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies. Image of the hacked NBC News Twitter feed below.

NBC News Twitter Hack

The tweets are false and no plane has been hijacked or crashed at Ground Zero.

The Script Kiddies are listed as based out of the UK. The group was behind a Fox News Twitter hoax claiming the death of President Barack Obama during the July 4th weekend earlier this year.

Update: 5:10pm CDT: The Script Kiddies twitter account has been suspended by Twitter.

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20 Questions From Saturday’s #tweetnmeet

November 15, 2010 2 comments

For those who are not familiar, #tweetnmeet is a live chat moderated by Erica Mayer designed to connect people on twitter by answering questions about themselves and generating conversation around the responses.

#tweetnmeet’s are relatively new, and have gained a large following in a short amount of time. This Saturday, Erica moderated another #tweetnmeet. I was unable to participate, but tracked down all 20 questions. Here are my answers (in bold):

Question 1: who are you, where do you live, what do you do? Jason Douglas; Minneapolis/Hopkins; Online Marketing Manager at Spyder Trap Online Marketing.

Question 2: U R snowed in: choose 1 person, 1 thing, and 1 food to get you through. My lady; a large blanket; pizza from Umbria.

Question 3: what is your favorite song right now? Sadly, I do not have a working radio in my car. I have no idea what’s hot or what’s not. 😦

Question 4: what is the story behind your profile pic? Where, who took it, special meaning? I was at a friends’ wedding last October, and there was a photographer who was taking group photos. I assembled a group, and we were on our way up until the rest of the group decided to ditch me. Awkwardly, I asked if I could still have a picture taken. The photographer said: ‘Sure… act like you just got a DWI.’ I was instantly confused, and SNAP, the moment was captured.

Note: question 5 was skipped. #tweetnmeet’s get exciting 🙂

Question 6: favorite TV show? Tie between The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Question 7: 1st KISS! I have no idea.

Question 7 (there were two question 7’s): favorite part of your job? Being able to show people exactly what I do, and show what impact it had for the client.

Question 9: if you could be an animal…what would you be/why? I would enjoy being a wolf; always thought they were a pretty animal, but they can be feisty, and you don’t want to mess with them.

Question 10: favorite dessert? Who makes it best? I do not have a big sweet tooth, but I do enjoy some red velvet cake on occasion. Whoever cooks it at that time makes it the best 🙂

Question 11: siblings? I am an only child.

Question 12: what astrological sign are you? Do the “traits” match your personality? I am a gemini. I think it fits well enough, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Question 13: do you blog? and what is your favorite blog to follow? Funny you ask that, since I’m blogging now 🙂 I don’t follow many blogs; it’s something I need to work on.

Question 14: one thing surprising thing about yourself NOT in your twitter bio. I used to be a huge nerd about U.S. Presidential history, once knowing all presidents in order, terms/years served, policies championed, family members, and more.

Question 15: if you could change your 1st name-what would you want it to be? I wouldn’t.

Question 16: 1st thing you notice in a sig. other? Physically, and personality. Well, first things I noticed with my current lady would include her blue eyes, her laugh, and her figure. I could tell that she was a very personable girl. I liked all of the mentioned traits.

Question 17: your life is a movie…who plays you? No idea… who’s a famous bald person: Howie Mandell (minus the soul patch)? Vin Diesel?

Question 18: favorite cheap munchie food. Think: college. lol. Chips and salsa; and if I am living the good life, I’ll melt cheese on the chips.

Question 19: sport you are the best at….and sport you wish you were better at? I was a jack-of-all-trades athlete, playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and rugby in my life. I feel I was good to very good at all of them. I wish I was better at baseball or golf. If I had committed more time to just those sports, or just one of them, I would have gone far.

Question 20: in 140 characters tell an alien why they should let you live. 😉 I have too much unfinished business to deal with in my life. I’m just getting started.

If you can, join in on the next #tweetnmeet. I’ve been able to connect with a few new people, and always enjoy seeing the responses to the questions. You quickly learn about the people in and outside of your community.

#tweetnmeet with you soon!



Minneapolis, St. Paul, Thank You! Now, Let’s Collaborate!

March 18, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday was one of the more interesting and fulfilling days I have had as a professional. Most of us know about #Unfollowgate. If not; check out my previous post on #Unfollowgate and its impact on the Minneapolis and St. Paul online community.

Between the hundreds of views, 18 comments, numerous public tweets, re-tweets, even more direct messages, and even some text messages and calls, the outpouring of support for me was astonishing. Thank you all very much for that.

I want to get away from #Unfollowgate and move onto the larger issue: how to make the Minneapolis and St. Paul online community more collaborative, more unified, and considered as a true leader in the online marketing space.

I have been going over what Chris Brogan said when he was here at the Minnesota Business/Reputations event, about our shortcomings as a community. It would have been easy for him to say ‘Minneapolis/St. Paul, y’all are great! Keep Truckin’!’ for a cheap pop. He did not do that, and I thank him for that. For him to say (paraphrasing) ‘you have the talent here, you don’t have the collaborative atmosphere’, and to call out Pittsburgh as his numer one community was gutsy. He travels and connects with enough people from each community where I trust his opinion more than others.

This should be a wake up call for our community. We do have the talent, we have the case studies, we have the clients, we have the passion (as was shown yesterday). How do we combine all that and more to help our community move to the head of the online marketing class?

Let’s start a discussion answering a few questions. As a community:

  • What are we doing right?
  • What are we doing wrong?
  • What are your concerns about the state of online marketing?
  • What do we want to do?
  • Where do we want to go?

Minneapolis, St. Paul, metro area, Minnesota: your thoughts?

#Unfollowgate: How This Effects The Minneapolis/St. Paul Online Community

March 17, 2010 31 comments

True story. There is Watergate, Monicagate and numerous other ‘gates’. There has been no ‘gate’ that has captivated my attention. There has been no ‘gate’, until today that I have been involved in, until #unfollowgate.

In the last couple months, I have noticed certain people who have been quick to comment on certain tweets I have sent out. Monitoring the situation, I evaluated what I was sending, was it useful, entertaining and/or relevant? I overanalyze most everything in my life, so adding this to my plate was not ideal. Regardless, I never want to offend anyone, and try my best to be conscious of what I say.

That did not help.

This morning, I had someone tweet the following:

I just unfollowed @jasondouglas Checking in at work on FourSquare violates my view of ICEE #NothingPersonal.

I was shown this by a co-worker, who was as stunned as me. Being unfollowed is not uncommon. Being called out and made an example of to the world over something as petty as checking in on Foursquare where I work however, is bothersome.

Before moving forward, for those who do not know what ICEE stands for, here are the definitions:

  • Inspire
  • Connect
  • Entertain
  • Educate

All of the above are great rules to abide by when tweeting. It would be nice to have your tweet achieve all of the above. It is more difficult to inspire, connect, entertain, and educate in 140 characters than the average person would assume.

What is gained by calling someone out for not following your interpretation of the above ‘rules’? Isn’t unfollowing someone the opposite of connecting?

One person tweeted this to the unfollower:

so then what tweets don’t Inspire Connect Entertain or Educate? I think that covers any kind of tweet thats been written.

Agreed. I find it difficult to not achieve one of the four ICEE guidelines in any tweet that myself and any other Twitter user has ever sent.

In my experience in the social media community, I have been met with open arms by almost everyone I have connected with online and in real life. I have built and am building some great relationships with people I would not have been connected to if not for social media.

When someone calls me out, uses my name, and accuses me of not being inspiring, not being a connector, not entertaining, and not educating — all the while telling me it is not personal — I strongly disagree with that. Online or off, when you use someone’s name and use accusatory language, no matter how subjective it is, you have made it a personal attack.

This is why I monitor the conversation around my name in most every online channel. I need to make sure that my name is not being smeared by anyone. This is something I highly recommend doing ASAP; check to see what comes up in search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others; see if there are any groups or fan pages created talking about you or people with the same name. Make sure you own your name. You are a brand.

Once the above tweet was sent out, I had 20 DMs in my inbox within the first five minutes asking if this was real. Unfortunately, it is.

When I attended the Minnesota Business/LaBreche Reputations event with guest Chris Brogan last month. Brogan made a statement about the Minneapolis and St. Paul online marketing community: We do not collaborate, we are too exclusive. It is a lot easier to fight a war with a large army. By not working together, the MSP area is not at the top of the online marketing communities where it belongs.

Behavior that I experienced today is exactly what Brogan was talking about. The MSP community does not benefit from someone trying to throw someone under the bus for self promotion. That is not how an individual becomes a true influencer. Any community that has people like that actively participating in the community is not a healthy community. If the MSP community wants to become a legitimate leading community, behavior like this must cease.

After numerous tweets from my army supporting me (thank you all :-))  the person tweeted the following:

“I won’t be publicizing my ICEE theory removes. Tweets should Inspire Connect Entertain Educate. Apparently is causing a stir.”

I wish he had thought of that before attempting to humiliate me.

I feel sad knowing our great community took a step back yesterday. I hope that our community learns from this and are able to take two steps forward.

This is not the first #Unfollowgate in the history of Twitter. I want to hear your #Unfollowgate story. How was it handled on both sides? Was there a reconciliation?


So My Mom Joined ‘Tweeter’… I mean Twitter…

March 12, 2010 4 comments

I believe my Mom meant Twitter; I am going with that anyway.

Two days ago, my Mom and I were talking about random topics. Suddenly, I hear her slip in ‘so I joined Twitter today… I’m following you…’. I did a double take when Mom said that. It was in fact true, my Mom was the newest person on Twitter!

For a moment, I was excited to hear this. I thought it would be a good way for my Mom to get involved in the social media world. I then thought “oh crap! My Mom can stalk me on here!”

It made me think for a minute: am I the only one with a parent on Twitter? I did a twitpoll about it, of which had surprising results. Of the 13 respondents, eight had a parent on Twitter. That seemed like a high number to me. I know that many of my friends have parents on Twitter; the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 35+ group. On Twitter, my perception is that it was a community dominated by youth. That perception is becoming more wrong by the day.

With my Mom on Twitter, it will not be a game changer. She has no idea how to tweet. Yes, she can look at my stream, then question me about it later, or ask about what my friends are saying, or ask what RT means. I welcome her to the community, and hope that they welcome her with open arms.

I hope she knows what she got herself into 🙂


Social Media & Social Networking: What is too much?

There has been a lot on my mind lately. Some of it is personal, some is trivial. Here, I will choose to share something that should interest each reader of this blog.

By reading my blog, or any blog, you become part of the social media and social networking world. The social media world is a new and evolving arena at the same time, which means the rules for social media are being created as we speak. Rules that are not set are difficult to follow. Common sense rules apply: create and contribute meaningful conversation, don’t create too much noise, show your personality while keeping your thoughts clean enough that you could tell your mother, etc.

There’s a problem: not everyone has common sense.

As a person that has grown up in the social media and social networking era, I am on facebook, MySpace, twitter, LinkedIn, digg, flickr, I blog for the online marketing blog at work, I blog for personal reasons (as you’re reading right now). There are so many social networking sites out there beyond the list above. It can be difficult to keep track and actively participate in all of the above networks.

For over a year, MySpace has been losing its grip on the top social networking site. Facebook, recently surpassing 225 million users, and twitter growing at a ridiculous rate, show that social networking is here to stay, and you should be a part of all that you can be.  99% of people I know are on Facebook, 90% of people I know are on twitter. I have noticed, based on my ‘top friends’ on MySpace, that people are deleting their MySpace accounts.

This led me to think of a few questions that I need answered by you:

  • What would make you quit ‘social media’?
  • If you left one site, does that mean the other sites you are on satisfy your needs?
  • What is your favorite social networking site? Why?
  • What purpose does social media/social networking serve in your life?
  • Is there too much social media/social networking?

I look forward to a good discussion with you.

~Jason Douglas

twitter: @jasondouglas

Jason Douglas on LinkedIn